The Concept of Human Right According To Quran and Bible.

Concept of Human Right According To Quran and Bible.

  • Asad Mehmood Ph. D Research Scholar Riphah International University Islamabad
  • Abid Saeed D Scholar Muslim Youth University Ph Islamabad Pakistan
Keywords: Human Rights, Quran, Bible, Humanity, Interfaith, Comparative approach of Religion


Concept of Human Rights introduce and allow to every person of humanity that he use to treated on the basis of equality and Natural dignity. This concept focused on the core and basic freedom, justice and sympathy for every human being. In other words normally concept of Human Right based on Humanity rather than any color, region, ethnicity or religion.


Human Rights is as old as human being is but different religion philosophy have different opinion according to their own academic history like western researcher consider it from the time of Greece and Roma ,while Muslim researcher count it from the start of Islam.


This article is about concept of Human Rights under Quran (Holy Book of Islam) and Bible (Holy Book of Christianity) .Quran and Bible clearly mentioned that human rights are the basic values of society on which people of the society interact with each other and maintain relationship with high moral values. Bible described in old time that not hurt anyone, also explain the Ten Commandments which is based on Human Rights. Same time Sermon on the Mountain from Jesus is greatest example of Human Right. On the other side Quran or Islamic briefing about Human rights are mentioned as great virtue which based on the idea that all supremacy and power belong to Allah. This comparative study about Human Right according to Quran and Bible will help to highlight the concept of both holy books to create interfaith harmony and International Peace.