Kinesthetic Interpretation of the Verses of the Holy Quran

  • Maryam Jahangir Lecturer, PhD Scholar, Department of Humanities, COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
  • Hafiz Adil Jahangir Lecturer, Institute of Islamic Perspective and Guidance, University of Management and Technology, Lahore.
Keywords: Communication, Kinesis, The Quran, Interpretation, Kinesthetic


This study examines the nonverbal communication in the Quran and analyzes the evidence quoted from a few surahs. It shows that nonverbal communication has a crucial and significant role in a human life, and it is proven as Almighty Himself has used not only verbal but nonverbal communication to tell us its significance. It is also very important to understand and translate this nonverbal communication in its right perspective.  This analytical study focuses on a few surahs of the Quran where manifestation of nonverbal communication is obvious thus proving it important and critical in the lives of human beings.  The Quran has many examples where the focus is not on verbal but nonverbal communication where the color of face; black or white, brightness or darkness, smile and laughter, happiness and freshness are highlighted through the facial expression rather using words. The Kinesis expression is very strong in the description of Quranic verses which forces us to analyze and study it.  Based on qualitative research method, this paper focuses to analyze nonverbal communication patterns in the Quran and concludes that how the Quran has strongly inculcated the potential of nonverbal aspects in our lives.  This study suggests that by the deeper understanding of the nonverbal aspect used in the Quran, human beings can stand in good stead by the message individually and as society.