Tanazur Research Journal

Religion and human existence are inherently interconnected and fundamental to any human society. Throughout history, the debates surrounding the evolution of world religions and their social impact have been critical. The research journal "Tanāẓur" addresses these religious discourses and perspectives, as well as their societal and human perceptions. Additionally, the journal prioritizes the analytical examination of contemporary intellectual and cultural issues in human society through the lens of religious thought, seeking feasible solutions.

"Tanāẓur" is a trilingual interdisciplinary magazine that provides a robust platform for publishing research-oriented studies in the social sciences, subject to expert scrutiny on various aspects of religious theology.

The journal adheres to the principle of promoting global knowledge sharing by providing free and direct access to its contents. It is published by the Institute for Religious Research and Perspectives (IRRP) Pakistan in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Institute of Religious Research and Perspectives (IRRP) Pakistan - Germany - UK

The Institute of Religious Research and Perspectives (IRRP) is a prominent research and academic organization of religious theology and discourses. It is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Islamic knowledge and teachings, providing a platform for scholars and researchers to engage in critical discourse and exchange of ideas.

Established in 2020, IRRP has been at the forefront of producing quality research and academic publications in the field of Islamic studies. The institute has a team of highly qualified and experienced scholars who are committed to producing rigorous and scholarly work on a wide range of topics related to Islamic theology, jurisprudence, history, and contemporary issues.

IRRP is recognized as a leading religious research institution in Pakistan for its contributions to Islamic scholarship, publishing numerous writings and journals, as well as hosting seminars, conferences, and lectures by prominent scholars from around the world. The institute also offers programs in Islamic studies, providing students with a deep understanding of the Islamic tradition and its relevance to contemporary issues. Through its work, IRRP aims to promote a greater understanding of Islam in religious diversity, its teachings, and its role in shaping society. Its commitment to academic excellence and intellectual rigor has made it a respected and valued institution within the wider Muslim world, and a significant contributor to the global discourse on Islam and its place in the modern world.

The Institute of Religious Research and Perspectives (IRRP) is planning to expand its reach by establishing chapters in various countries. Currently, the organization is in the process of registering branches in two countries and anticipates that these chapters will be fully operational by the end of 2023. These additions will enable IRRP to engage with international scholars from both academic and religious communities, furthering its mission of promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.


The Chairman's message:

The Research Journal Tanazur serves as a platform for sharing insights on social issues and various facets of society from a religious and Islamic perspective. The journal strives to promote understanding of the social, theological, and cultural factors that impact individuals and society at large. We welcome contributions from all fields related to religious and theological studies. While we prioritize original and empirical research, we also consider comprehensive and recently reviewed articles for publication. Our double-blind peer-review policy ensures the quality and credibility of our content.


Chairman:  Institute of Religious Research & Perspectives Pakistan (IRRP)

                       38-P, Valancia Town, Lahore 54770, Pakistan