Review Process Policy

Tanazur Submission and Review Policy

1. Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts undergo a 'double-blind' peer review process. The reviewers and authors' identities are kept confidential from each other. An anonymized version of the manuscript is sent to referees.

  • After an initial editorial review, papers are typically sent out to a minimum of two referees, one national and one international. If one or more referees decline the invitation to review, other referees are appointed.
  • At least two authoritative reviews are needed before the editor can make a decision to accept, reject, or ask for a 'revise and resubmit' of the manuscript.
  • Peer review is an objective evaluation of manuscripts by experts in related fields. Reviewers provide constructive feedback on individual manuscripts, express their opinions clearly, and support their comments.
  • All submitted manuscripts are kept confidential. Reviewers are not allowed to disclose unpublished information in a manuscript.
  • Reviewers are asked to avoid evaluating manuscripts with conflicts of interest. They can contact editors if any conflict of interest may affect their evaluation of a manuscript.
  • Reviewers may recommend related works that are not cited by the author/s.
  • Tanazur uses a double-blind peer review system, and each manuscript is reviewed by at least two experts. In rare cases, a third round of peer review may be initiated at the editor and reviewers' recommendations.


Tanazur uses for pilgrims checking. Its acceptable rate is 18%. 

3. Submission

To submit a manuscript to Tanazur, authors must use the online submission system (OJS). Submissions via email or hard copies are not accepted.

A guide to help authors upload their manuscripts on OJS is available for reference.

In case of any issues, authors may email the editor at  for guidance. The office contact details are provided below:

Institute of Religious Research & Perspectives, 74-P, Lahore (Pakistan) Telephone: +92 – 3216136158 Timings: 9am – 5pm (Monday to Saturday except public holidays)

It is essential to include a cover letter, ethical approval of research, submission form, and processing fees with each submission. The editorial team checks for these documents' presence and completeness before proceeding with the review process. If any document is missing, the article is returned to the author for completion within two weeks. Failure to do so may result in automatic deletion of the article from the online submission system.

Authors are advised not to pay processing fees until the team sends a request.