Content Analysis of Islamiyat Compulsory at Elementary and Secondary Levels under Single National Curriculum of Punjab Pakistan

  • Sehrish Nazir Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
  • Dr Shahzadi Pakeeza Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
Keywords: SNC, Islamiyat Compulsory, elementary, cognitive, effective. Compatibility


Islamiyat which has studied as compulsory subject from elementary to degree levels in curriculum of Punjab have gone through many changes since 1978 to 2022. Changes in the syllabus were being made according to the national policies of the country. During year2022, the government of Punjab has implemented the concept of Single National Curriculum in the formulation of textbooks. To obey this vision of SNC, the textbooks of Islamiyat at elementary level and Islamiyat compulsory at secondary level have been revised. To scrutinize this revision, careful analysis of these textbooks was taken into consideration. For this purpose, document analysis method has been employed. Their content analysis has revealed that these textbooks have been designed very carefully by keeping in mind the student learning outcomes which were priorly adjusted in the vision of SNC. Huge bulk of information has also been reflected for the cognitive development of students. Exercises were supplemented with practical activities. Yet certain mistakes were also found in terms of   their printing, sequence and mental compatibility of students to the content material. Learning can be made more effective by removal of these mistakes and by performing activities given in the exercises.