حياة الشنفرى ومكانته بين الشعراء الصعاليك دراسة تحليلية

The life of Al-Shanfari and his position among the tramp poets, an analytical study

  • Dr. Nasir Mahood
Keywords: Tramp poets, Al-Shanfari, Diwan Al-Shanfari, Al-Ta'alakah, The life of the tramps


Tramps in the tradition of literary history are a group of dissident Arabs who are out of obedience to the heads of their tribes. The connotation of this term has evolved so that it denotes a group of poets who were engaged in conquest, plundering and plundering. The chalk is a social phenomenon that emerged on the sidelines of pre-Islamic life as a reaction to some customs and practices, and the chalk continued for a period of time. In general, the tramps, who are a group of poor thieves, spread in the Arabian Peninsula, disobeyed the heads of their tribes, did not submit to tribal norms, but rather rebelled against them, and did not abide by the tribe’s commitment or its alliances with other tribes, or the tribe’s exposure to grave dangers. And to that, these poets were known for their daring and their courage to storm the perils, and they were distinguished by courage, patience, and the speed of the enemy, so they were among the runners who did not match the speed of their enemy, for life and death were equal in their eyes, and they raided the Bedouins and urbanites, and cut off the road and raided the convoys, killing and plundering, so they quickly plundered That is why the cries of alarm, poverty and revolution resounded in their poetry, and they invaded on their feet in general, and if they attacked, they missed their pursuers and did not overtake them, and they used to say poetry that depicted their conditions, and the tramps would sometimes gather together to invade some tribes. They were sympathetic to the poor and the needy, and often the goal of the raid was to distribute the spoils to those in need, and their raids usually directed to the rich and misers.